The Literary and Debating Society

Life is driven by choices. Some make you feel on cloud nine while others push you back into the couch crouching. And there are a few more which leave you with nothing much to express. All of us pass by the plethora of instances the destined journey is to offer and here is another jubilant journey which has been paved by souls that are born to inspire.

Yes, I do agree, being inducted into a T-school to become a technical and scholastic stalwart, trying to grab in all what numbers and equations can be forced to ooze and you finally throw yourself onto the bed, half exhausted, three quarters uncontested and wholly emotionless to spare the last breath awake for “Another day just like yesterday.”

The first Thursday of January, when you sit complaining on the set – monotonous and stale, there enter three heralding voices which to you signify “the wait is over!” and announce “ We are from the Literary and Debating Society, abbreviated LDS in the college….” And now you are perked up to exactly predict what your Tuesday and Thursday evening is slotted for thereon.

The Literary and Debating Society of Government College of Technology is an expanding empire of logophiles over the last four decades. It is more than just a club – a family that has been, and will be, nurturing creditable and competent characters who are equipped to face the world outside with their wits and wisdom. LDS brings to light the fact that ‘Knowledge through Entertainment’ is what you prophecy out of this 41 year old organization of the insti.

Deferential debates – jitter JAMs – mock press – weird world-builds, and daffy definitions. Quizzing grey cells to captains of a Ship wreck, you name it; LDS has it and in the process, makes sure one enjoys it thoroughly. The seventy five minute session, twice a week, is all jam-packed with words, laughs, fights, gags and more importantly, the spirit for the Queen’s Language.

Time and tide

The freshers are inducted every January, who undergo a quick warm up with sessions and put in all their skills to battle against the other departments at CONFLUENCE, organized by the sophomores of the club. This two day event is a mixture of Competition, Comradeship and Coalescence. The spirit and gung-ho over Confluence does not fade completely, before which the juniors and seniors get busy drafting a catalogue for the most awaited and the annual cultural extravaganza of the college, SANGAMAM , around the ides-of-March. For the best to compete and the best-est to survive ‘Sangamam’ cannot be worded it can only be lived. The two day celebrations close with a hearty farewell to the seniors who would carry the spirit and memories to lands afar.

Trained to Strain

The new academic year is a stage set for BRAINSTRAIN, the premier show which has been conducted and organized by LDS with pomp and splendor for almost three generations down and is undoubtedly a runaway success every year. The untiring efforts put in by the dedicated members of the society and the radiant faces that reflect waves of having achieved something out of the ordinary has made BS the prime attraction among the school students of the city who gather in armies congregating for the fete in the college Auditorium.

The Odyssey for this razzle begins earnestly in the early weeks of June and the interest and zeal that envelope the members reaches a crescendo on the D-day.

“It is true that one does have a practical experience of the problems and complexities associated with organizing a function of this magnitude, not to mention the exhilaration and exuberance one feels in tiding over the barriers.” – V.Sriram LDS 1989


The next three pages of the calendar are dotted with exciting days, treats, mobs and of course the regular sessions. The team is also credited for lending a helping hand to the confused and striving towards a mission of discovering the undiscovered talents in the college through career guidance, leadership talks, group discussions, seminars and workshops. With the silent observers turning to organizers and then to mentors, LDS continues its journey, its branches reaching out to a whole new fresh batch to be added.

Every person has been inspired by another and he in turn inspires a third. Well, that is what clubs are meant for after all. “You exist only in what you do “–Federico Fellini; and LDS always believes in Doing, so it exists and it will, unless someone’s prediction of the ‘End of the World’ gets scientifically proven.

Come one, Come all.

In the words of an Eldeeyessian, LDS – love prima facie.

P.S: LDS meets every Tuesday and Thursday in the main Block classroom 216.


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