The Tale of Two A’s

“Attitude, not Aptitude, determines Altitude.” ― Zig Ziglar



The manner we make overtures to things, that what makes us sundry to anybody else around. Well, you cannot expect anybody to see everything the exact way you see. People endure different attitudes within themselves or others, both positive and negative. As an indicator of personality, attitude must be kept meticulously considerable so that people might have a positive effect from us. It is a web of mental ideas which are manifested in our physical behavior as well.

Aptitude – enables a person to pull off a table. It is the competency of being good at something. In other words, aptitude is about possessing talent for a particular kind of job. If a person is comfortable and good at following and forming systematic patterns, he ought to be good at maths and hence as an aptitude for the field concerned.

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Attitude creates opportunities, aptitiude helps us achieve them. Life is al about combinations. And so is here an amalgamation of the Two A’s which can be suitably varied in proportion to the strike the balance. However, one thing must be kept in mind, attitude is prone to change. Attitude changes with experience and influences. So leveraging our attitude in accordance to our aptitude would lead to fruitful results.

Now, the completion between to the A’s which determine your track in the race to success might seem one sided. Aptitude or skills are acquired or learnt possessions whose aim is to achieve the goal. But if it is not backed up by attitude, then the way we communicate or relate with individuals is at stake. For instance, you can teach a person to how to master the art of public speaking but he cannot be an efficient speaker unless he has the attitude to take up initiatives. Attitude determines, to a great extent, what you are capable to do and what you can do, what you are able to practice and what you are not.

One might have inherited a predisposition to a certain general attitude towards life from their parents or cultural heritage, but this by conscious effort, train one self to change attitude by using one’s mind, ability to think, become a creator of circumstances, rather than a creature of circumstances.

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Attitude is mind’s paint brush, it can colour any situation.

A positive mental attitude, or a constructive and optimistic way of looking at yourself and your work, goes hand in hand with success. The development of this unshakable attitude of cheerfulness and enthusiasm is your springboard to gratness, no matter what’s going on around. Concluding,

Attitude is mind’s paint brush, it can colour any situation

Aptitude is mind’s switch, it is to be triggered when required.

So dear readers, this was a very vague description of the Tale of two A’s. It need not be mandatory that you agree upon the above mentioned points. Your opinions are always welcome.


GowtHam R



4 responses to “Cabin

  1. linges

    July 2, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    ya.nce..but use simple sentences.

  2. siddharth22

    July 7, 2012 at 2:44 am

    it’s really worth reading….nice work gowtham bro….

  3. Subhashini Siva

    August 6, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    nice work gowtham… all the best juniors…


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