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Engineered the BEST

Heads up Engineers!

“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.” – Leonardo da Vinci.

All through the ages the word ‘Engineering’ has metamorphosed. Ancient inventions and discoveries which form the basic principles of engineering were not identified under this tag. Later it went on to be defined as ‘Science that simply works’. What engineering today means is that ‘the hectic workload’ with assignments, theories and the one with more antagonistic reasons.

We find that the world paces towards development with several modifications in technology, despite the infinitesimal rate of invention. There is the Big Bang Theory based on Large Hardon Collider and there is also the Higgs Boson Particle. If BMW was considered world class then Audi comes in with it’s new set of automobile spree. If Facebook programming was considered the best you may also have to take a look at what Twitter has to offer. Laptops are inevitable and desktop computers come with bigger hard disk space with trillions of bytes. The worlds’ tallest skyscrapers are being built simultaneously as the longest bridges are laid. Even the tiniest, as far as Pico sized microorganisms are blown up using a microscope for their behaviour to be studied, following manipulations.

Engineering tells what the world does and how it works. It has no meaning, until applied.

Engineers are versatile. This blog is one such example.

Semantic Spirit by Swetha Ananthan

What’s Cooking by N&W team

Fun & Retrospection by Niveda Avinash

Persona with Gowtham R

Cabin by Mr.Strict Gowtham

Pow-Wow with Sridhar Prince

Psych Out with Gavin Cangan

Happy Engineers’ Day!

Get engineered,

LDS members

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“Shadows are sometimes replaced by, Friends!”


Hi Amigos!

With a gleaming face, we the writers of Nerves and Wires (enthusiastic gang of friends) are here with a sparkling Edition 2. Our college seems distinctively fresh this August, apart from the rows of green trees. It’s the result of the new unaccustomed faces we see here and there. It’s that time of the year when a bunch of ‘bright minds’ enter the large acred crowd called, ‘college’.  There is a unique smile and expectation in everyone’sface which we all hope will never cease. Once the crowd has gathered, it’s all left to ‘know’ each other. A relationship of a life time begins.Friends.

College gives us so many realisations. One among them is an answer to how friends can have a mature relationship. The fear of meeting a bunch of new people and missing school friends obviously sinks in. But doesn’t the world always change for the better? Yes it does. You meet a whole new crowd with whom who care smile, laugh, cry, prank, explore and live with.

This EDITION is dedicated to all such new freshers and friends.

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” 
C.S. Lewis

Happy Friendship day!

LDS members

Semantic Spirit by Swetha Ananthan

What’s Cooking by Niveda Avinash

Fun & Retrospection by Sridhar Prince

Persona with Gowtham R

Cabin by Mr.Strict Gowtham

Pow-Wow with Sridhar Prince

Psych Out with Gavin Cangan

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Ensemble of Wordsmiths!

Welcome to NervesandWires, yet another initiative of the young. Belonging to one of the premier institution(Government College of Technology, Coimbatore) in Tamil Nadu, it’s time that we reach throughout the cosmo with our raw talents. The strenuous part of an idea is not dreaming it, it’s about putting it into action, the start. Here we are with one such dream, hoping to make an impression. The articles are bound to be heterogenous with various genres hoping to strike a chord with you while perusing.

Our various columns:

Semantic Spirit by Swetha Ananthan – This columns gives you vivid and candid truth about what you do, act and reflect on. We promise you’ll have the best what English can offer. It takes a lot of nerve to put feelings on words but sometimes there is no other way to reveal bare truth. Go on and picture it yourself.

Fun & Retrospection by Niveda Avinash – Academics keep you booked in college. Jump out of that geeky world and grab a drink and a popcorn and read this column. Our reviews give what exactly is behind those sensational addicting movie posters!. For spicing it up more we also talk about what happens in the corner of our campus. Candid interviews are also additions.

Persona with Gowtham R – The most toughest question you can be asked is “Tell me about yourself”. We tell you how you must rediscover yourself and Viola, you’ll be surprised to know who you really are. We’ll just trigger you. You’ll fire the gun.

Cabin – Before getting into those glass doors and meeting the guy with polished shoes and ironed ties, get a mock review here carefully scrutinized by Mr.Strict.

Pow-Wow with Sridhar P.L – Now, should you vote in for a canteen samosa or a hard-crust pizza to actually play a battle of words or settle peace with some hot yet cool contro’s, be it print or a swear. Clenched fists and sharp tongues… Here we go…

Psych Out with Gavin Cangan —  The world is enough manupilating. Lets not get there. But solving puzzles and riddles can be thrilling. We show you how. For every second technology metamorphoses. How many of you have an ICS phone? What if Apple snubs Android? Well just read this column to keep your strings tried to updates about the latest of the latest Technology.

We tell you what we know in the best way we can, from our nerves through these wires. Be ready to get electrocuted but don’t crash.

Feel the fun,

LDS members.


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