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And Here We Go!!!


After a busy week we’re ready with our first writing scripts. The ride starts here and ideas are unleashed. To feel the nerve go ahead and start perusing the different columns. We bet each tab will make you want more and come back with an urge to relive, experience and share what all you did, are doing and will do in college.

“When you can relate to what you read, words have the greatest power”


Let us finish it short here and cut the rope so that you can go ahead and read the best we have to offer.

Off to a good start,

LDS members.

Semantic Spirit by Swetha Ananthan

What’s Cooking by Niveda Avinash

Fun & Retrospection by Niveda Avinash

Persona with Gowtham R

Cabin by Mr.Strict Gowtham

Pow-Wow with Sridhar Prince

Psych Out with Gavin Cangan

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