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3D Glasses People???





Director: Shankar

Producer: Murali R , Fathima Vijay Antony

Music Director: Vijay Antony

Genre: Thriller

Cast: Vijay Antony, Siddarth Venu Gopal, Rupa Manjari.

A movie that has managed to ace its attention from all age groups. A movie that has proved the two year wait its worth. Vijay Antony did really make an impression with his debut movie which shares its screen space with second timers- Siddarth Venugopal and Rupa Manjari. Vijay Antony sure has did a lot of homework on this one what with being the Music director , Producer and an Actor. Kudos to him for just that!

The movie is spanned over an interesting plot. A plot that has already been screened by the movie “THE TALENTED Mr.RIPLEY but nonetheless less interesting! The mental trauma of a child who was deprived of living a normal life and was confined to the walls of a prison is finally warranted to face the outside world and the intimidation he faces is perfectly faced by Vijay Antony. As Karthik he sketches an image of a calm, self controlled and an ado-less person . But when masks the identity of Salim, there rises the face of a person who would go to any extreme for a normal life.

His college admission is tagged by the entry of Siddarth Venugopal  as Ashok( and yes.. i certainly did NOT expect that comeback! ;). Reckless Attitude, Vogue dressing style and the epic Playboy attire certainly does make the gal fans go gaga! He fits perfectly into the role and so does Vijay  as his *reserved and modest * friend! Rupa has her way with the guys! With her curly locks and the perfect patient girlfriend she does her best in her screen space but somehow manages to contradict her own common-sense in the climax of the movie!

The movie takes a turn when Ashok and Salim get on the wrong foot and Salim gets on the wrong side of his fate again .with Ashoks murder at his hands Salim desperately tries to soothe the balance for his life again and the story steps into an another level when Ashok’s friend Suresh unearths the drama. Anuya  pomps a very short but a pivotal role in the plot! The only glitch in the movie is climax with its abrupt dismissal!

Vijay Antony does his thing with the meaningless words again! J “Makkayala” song sure has reached the youth with its peppy beats and some rap making it a catchy cocktail! The Background score of the movie really does get to you in the most *crucial* points of the film which marks a milestone for his 25-th film!

In toto, a movie that is certainly worth a watch –a good plot, suitable Bg , apt characters and your-not-wasting-your-bucks  portrayal! But all in all the most repeated comments tat kept buzzing me was about how HAWT siddarth looked and how the movie would have been MASS had it been anybody else but Vijay at its lead role!


3 responses to “Fun & Retrospection

  1. abhi

    June 14, 2012 at 4:57 pm

    nivi go on …. gud to ve reviews before we start !!! movies i love but books neva my cup of tea … ll check out on all movie reviews by u 🙂

  2. Hashmithaa

    July 2, 2012 at 4:55 pm

    Saguni-Not worth watching waste of money:-(


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