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It’s OK Mr. Edison, YOU LOSE


Now, the topic seems to be really funny. Yes, as we all know, it’s about THOMAS ALVA EDISON, the greatest inventor of all time (you all say, I didn’t and hopefully you won’t at the end). Now to start with we’ll enter TAMILNADU. Yes, I can hear your voices and the answer is No! Current irukka? Now we curse TNEB to the core and we’ll be moved to a point of desperation by admiring the alternating current, the curves especially (PUN INTENDED)!!

So as we all know ALTERNATING CURRENT is the widely used in power transmission and power every home on this planet. In a time when majority of the world was lit by candle power, an electrical system known as alternating current was invented by me. OK, PLEASE PUT DOWN YOUR SLIPPERS (IT STINKS!). The futurist was NICOLA TESLA. I know what’s running inside all your minds.    “I came across this name somewhere; Tesla is a unit of mmm oh yeah got it- Magnetic Induction! Phew”. Trust me I didn’t get it. I had to turn to page 88 of ’PHYSICS-Higher Secondary 2nd year, Volume-1’ (Me going to be an Electrical Engineer in a year! STRICTLY NO PUN).

We’ve to thank NICOLA TESLA for his discovery of alternating current.. When most people think of EDISON they think him as the man who invented bulb as such. Edison DID NOT invent electric bulb. He improvised the ideas of 22 other men who pioneered the light bulb before him. Edison simply figured out how to sell the electric bulb.

Tesla actually worked for Edison early in his career. Edison offered to pay him modern equivalent of a million dollars to fix the problems he was having with his DC generators and motors. Tesla fixed Edison’s machines and when he asked for money Edison simply refused. Edison is a good example of a non-geek who operated in a geek space. He believed the value of inventions could be gauged by how much money they made. He was neither a mathematician nor a scientist. Tesla was known for discovering amazing things and forgetting to write them down. Edison was rushing to the patent office as soon as one of the employees had something.

After falling out with Edison, Tesla went on to work on his ALTERNATING CURRENT ELECTRICAL SYSTEM. This ignited a feud with Edison, who at that time was trying to sell the world his DIRECT CURRENT SYSTEM. We all now know how efficient alternating current system is. Edison wanted to eliminate competition. He knew AC was efficient but could not bear this.

So Edison started paying school boys, few cents a head for live cats and dogs. He then put these dogs and cats on display and publicly electrocuted them using TESLA’s ALTERNATING CURRENT. His goal was to publicly smear TESLA’s AC and convince that it was too dangerous for home use. People, WHY SO SERIOUS?

Ever heard of a man by namTeslae of Marconi? He won NOBEL PRIZE for inventing Radio. Did you know that everything he did was based on work previously done by TESLA? Tesla was generous enough to give a statement like this “Marconi is a good fellow. Let him continue using seventeen of my patents.” Yeah, that’s Tesla.

Ever heard of RADAR? The technology that lets us detect objects like missiles and which is also used for AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL. Robert Watson was credited with the invention of RADAR in 1935. Can you guess who came up with the idea in 1917? NICOLA TESLA. He pitched it to US Navy at the beginning of WORLD WAR I. Unfortunately, EDISON was the head of R&D for the US Navy at that time and he managed to convince them that it had no practical application in war. NICE JOB, EDISON! YOU ARE SUCH A  LOSER!

                Wilhelm Rontgen is typically credited as the discoverer of X rays. Nicola Tesla invented it way before and basically got ZERO credit. Tesla warned X rays could be dangerous and refused to conduct medical experiments with them. Edison started experimenting with X rays and the effect was his employee got killed due to excessive radiation. Edison too almost blinded his eyes. Mr. Edison Y U No listen to Mr. Tesla?

                Tesla built the first Hydro Electric Power plant at Niagara Falls and proved to the world that this type of power was a practical energy source. He held patents over a hundred years ago that were later used in development of the transistor. He was the first person to record radio waves from outer space. He’s the father of radio astronomy.

                Tesla was a genius. He spoke eight languages fluently. I tried not eight but one (still trying). He could memorize entire books and recite them at will. That was his memory. OK  How does a capacitor work? Me still searching! He could visualize devices entirely in his head and then build them without ever writing anything down. (I just don’t want to say what you and I visualise)

                So with this incredible mind and all inventions behind him, Tesla must have been famous and rich, right? Unfortunately it’s a BIG NO. Tesla lived in a time when the world demanded results that were practical and profitable. Tesla’s contributions were not incremental; They were revolutionary.

                One of Tesla’s finest gifts to the world was a tower near New York City that would have provided free wireless energy to the entire planet. The man who financed the construction of the tower shut it down when he learned that electricity would be given to people for free. So they couldn’t make money. Tesla broke down after this. He hallucinated and often had hard time differentiating between reality and imagination, which is why he spent years alone in his lab working day and night. Tesla died broke and alone in a hotel room.

So now that’s me cursing EDISON and bringing out the REAL inventor.





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  1. Stupidly Smart

    July 16, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    pls write about nokia vs sony


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