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The dawn of yet another year.  It is that time of the year when fresh minds full of hope enter the world of engineering. And yes, our temple of learning too welcomed the first years with open arms. Right from harried expressions of home-sickness to the anticipation of fun that you can possibly have with your buddies for the next four years, one can find everything in these first few days.

The spirit – second to none, the feel – so surreal, the world wassail, the relationships – so delicate. It has been raining newbie in the campus this semester. The scene looks so neat, the fountain so beautiful, the new building enhancing the pride of the main building in its blue green reflections and the aroma of the  wet soil after a few intermittent drizzles with the breeze.

For all of us who thought there was nothing of the wow factor happening in the college and there are four years to survive, the statement has mirrored itself. There is so much happening around and only a year or so left before we are tagged “passed-out”. This semester has been wonderful. For all the freshness and innovation sprouting, nerves and wires wishes a quick bulletin for the rich three months into the new season. Fresh reading ahead…


The accustomed annual freight (fright) train of fresher bags was no less this year. And the usual rules of freshers not allowed to venture into anything new (old) and the seniors to keep their steps away from the Science Block was dramatic as always. The new syllabus this year has created a demand for an extra hour into the clock which seems impossible practically.


He celebrated clock tower experienced a very patriotic Independence Day this year. The proud prize winners (mostly freshers!) of the events conducted by LDS and Tamil Mandram brought out the spirit of freedom of expression in words. The icing on the cake was the “GCT” formation by the synchronized NCC cadets showing their unity, while others exhibited brotherhood sharing the Annapoorna savouries and lemon ladoos which were in short due to the unexpected crowd boom this year.


The new multi-storey addition and probably the tallest building in GCT is all enjoyed by two departments as of now. Leave alone the plaints of the representatives, shuttling between departments; all others feel fresh with the gentle breeze from the agri fields.


Teacher’s day this year was a bonanza for the students actually. While for the first time the college recognised the rank holders and awarded them suitably, it was also the day for the teaching and the non teaching staff who were credited for their academic achievements. The intensity of claps varied across the auditorium depending upon the department the awardees on the stage belonged to. Neglecting slight programme glitches, the day was historical.

All the good list of firsts must be acknowledged to our very own respected Principal ma’am. With her support, her alma mater (obviously ours too) is surely going to grow both in size and stature.


The talk of the college last week was definitely The Muthamizh Vizha. Kudos to Tamil Mandram for coming up with such an organized and professional class event. For the first time ever in the history of GCT, Muttamizh Vizha was organized as an inter-collegiate event. The turnout was tremendous. It is said that any good blockbuster movie is never quite over without a twist… Life mein twist… Aur kahaani mein bhi twist… Then Gowtham, to everyone’s sweet surprise, mesmerized everyone present with his, as usual, limelight stealing description of the history of Tamil Mandram that caught everyone’s attention.


Almost all departments’ staff was busy with various Faculty Development Programmes and the fourthies all busy with placements. As the results of the placements till now were so very unpredictable, the third year PR’s are working day in and day out to bring the best out of their fellow mates. A number of new clubs – Rotract Club, Green club and a Quiz club are onto the talking panels. The sudden outburst of decent humour on social networking sites (under pseudonyms of course) is worth a notice. The pockets emptied this semester have been meagre. People preferred treats to movies. While some regions experienced severe drought, a few places remained damp and were once flooded. (GCT Leaks:p)

And now, as we approach the end of this semester, there are lots to be heard, lots to be experienced and lots of memories to be cherished.

That is all for the bulletin today…


Nerves and Wires

GCT students at Indo German Urban Mela, Chennai



4 responses to “What’s Coooking?

  1. Swetha Ananthan

    July 1, 2012 at 2:59 pm

    Now that’s typical 🙂
    We’re all geared up.
    Good read.

  2. Hashmithaa

    July 2, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    Good glimpse of our col;-)

  3. Vignesh K

    July 25, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    Typical GCT during the start of the year. Are these (The blood donation camp, eye camp) new this year?


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